Patients in the Sterling, Virginia area, love Sterling Family and Pediatric Dental because they are convenient, high-quality dentists in their area. We are proud to have numerous generous testimonials from verified patients that have expressed their love for our office.

Honest Dentist

Dr. Maulla and his team pride themselves on being an honest team with your, their patient’s, best interest in mind. When the dentists at our office examine your teeth, they look holistically at your oral health and suggest realistic treatment plans. Our dentists understand that you do not have extra money to spend on expensive, unnecessary dental treatments. One of our patients states that “finding a dentist could be easy, but finding an honest and professional dentist is not as easy as you think.” As you can see, our dental office takes pride in providing an honest and professional environment for our patients and their families.

Friendly Team

Another attribute our dental office is proud of is our ability to provide a friendly environment for our patients. As one of our verified patients said, “friendly front desk.” Another verified patient, E.I., stated, “love this place and good people.” Our team works hard to provide a professional, friendly environment that you and your family are comfortable with.

Comfortable Procedures 

Many patients are worried about potential pain associated with standard dental procedures. At Sterling Family and Pediatric Dental, we provide sedation dentistry to help settle your nerves about a process and decrease possible discomfort. For example, our verified patient G.R. stated that for their wisdom teeth removal, they were “awake during the procedure and couldn’t believe how fast and pain-free it was.” We use conscious sedation and local anesthetics to decrease discomfort during invasive procedures like wisdom tooth removals.

Focus on Preventative Dentistry

At Sterling Family and Pediatric Dental, we focus on restoring your smile and helping you achieve a healthy smile for years to come. We focus on preventative dentistry to help you avoid future dental concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease. One of our verified patients, A.A., stated that Dr. Maulla “actually taught me a lot about my teeth and future dental care.” Our goal is to teach every patient how to care for their teeth better. For example, we recommend that patients practice an excellent oral health routine at home and in the office. We recommend that patients brush, floss, and use mouthwash twice a day to remove debris and improve their oral health. Additionally, patients should visit Sterling Family and Pediatric Dental every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. These tips, along with many more, will help you take good care of your oral health and hopefully avoid oral health concerns.

Thorough Dentist

Dr. Maulla is thorough when he presents the treatment options. He is invested in your oral health and wants you to have the best oral health possible. When he recommends a treatment option, such as a dental crown or filling, he explains the procedure and why you may need it in detail. As one verified patient says, “you rarely find a dentist that is willing to go over all the treatment options for your smile and not just out to make a quick buck by recommending unnecessary work.” Dr. Maulla only recommends dental procedures necessary to improve your overall health. Additionally, as mentioned before, he is dedicated to explaining the procedure thoroughly to understand the process and why it is essential.

Contact Us

Dr. Maulla and his team are dedicated to providing high-quality dental care for you and your family. At Sterling Family and Pediatric Dental, we are proud to have many testimonials from our patients. We would love to help you improve your oral health. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, call our office today.